Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Core of Life

What is Core of Life?
Core of Life in an innovative, ‘hands on’ health education program providing current, research based information about Pregnancy, Birth, Breast Feeding and Early Parenting to both male and female adolescents. Core of Life are currently calling for expressions of interest for people interested in being trained as a Core of Life facilitator in Coffs Harbour later this year. The training costs $220. There are a number of people already trained on the Mid North Coast including midwives.

The purpose of Core of Life is to achieve better health outcomes for young people and future families in our wider community.

The program was developed by two midwives at Peninsula Health’s Rosebud Hospital in Victoria, Australia.

Core of Life aims to:

Assist in reducing teenage pregnancy rates;
foster increased levels of responsibility and confidence in youth; and
facilitate positive community and early childhood development.
Core of Life is an ideal addition to secondary schools’ health education programs or programs for youth at risk in the community.

The program is presented in partnership by a midwife and a youth/health professional and engages participants using slides, video, discussions, power point presentations and the opportunity to be involved in role-play.

The Core of Life program is currently being offered in secondary schools and community settings throughout Australia. The program can be easily adapted to suit the needs of various community groups including English as a Second Language (ESL) students and Indigenous communities. Core of Life is currently developing modified resources for Australia's Indigenous community in partnership with several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health organisations.

For more information on Core of Life or to register your interest in the training visit

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